My WE g18 wont work!

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by tacticalblack, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. tacticalblack

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    Hello i bought a new WE g18 and the gun shoots but the slide wont shut all the way after each shot the slide stays half open and i have to slap the back of the slide to get it to shoot again im using propane gas whats wrong with my gun??
  2. Sohte

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    Sounds like the blowback piston is dry, try spraying down the blowback housing with silicone oil or silicone spray.
    This happened because you used propane with out properly lubricating your gun.
    Read into proper GBB maintenance or use green gas.

    PS. Slapping the back of the slide just causes more damage to the blowback housing.

  3. tacticalblack

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    Where is the blow back piston located? I used the silicon oil that came with the propane adapter by airsoft inovations i used about 2-3 drops for every 4 mags of propane gas so im not sure if thats the reason why. i was thinking the guide rod spring is to loose so i stretched It out a bit and the slide still wont close all the way what else can the problem be??
  4. Sharp

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    Have you lubed the actual gun as well as the magazine seals? Stretching your spring probably hasn't done anything but a weak return spring could possibly be the case. Properly clean and lube the slide/frame/controls and see what happens.

    Hell knowing the QC of WE the slide could be miscasted and its getting caught up on the outer barrel or something. It's hard to diagnose such a general issue. Has it always done this or is this a recent thing? If cleaning and lubing doesn't work and you're unsure what to do next I'd prepare for the long grueling process of RMAing the thing.