Narrowed It Down. To 3!

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by LoudBox, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. LoudBox

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    Hey guys I've had quite a few threads in the last few days but you guys are awesome at helping me so I've narrowed down my search to 3 guns

    By Echo 1:
    ECHO 1 STAG-15 A4 Rifle Airsoft Gun by: ECHO 1 - Airsoft GI - Welcome

    I like this one because of the 30 day warranty

    By D-Boys:
    D Boy Full Metal M16A4 RIS Airsoft Gun by: D Boy - Airsoft GI -

    I like its full metal, nice fps

    By G&G:
    G&G GR-16 A2 Rifle Airsoft Gun ( Original Plastic Series ) by: G&G -

    I like this one because its G&G ha! but I don't like that you cant remove the carrying handle and I cannot afford the a3 version!

    All in all, I'm sort of learning towards the D-Boys M16A4, but I like what you guys say so please help me!

    If you find something better then all these 3 for a good price under $220, please include a website (preferably

    Thanks again everyone!
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  2. Pie

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    The G&G. No contest. The A3 model would fit you needs for a removable carrying handle. And as far as an RIS system you can pick a new one up for ~60-90$.


    DAYWALKER New Member

  4. MFairtap

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    Obviously he's looking for a m16. I had the same problem with the G&G buy when I remembered that you can't look through your sights with a paintball mask. Getting a carrying handle rail and mounting an optic on top of it fixes the problem and makes it look cool. I'm getting the G&G in a month or two.
  5. dooodstevenn

    dooodstevenn New Member

    g&g or d-boys i dont like the echo1 friend has one, dont like it lol but between the g&g and d-boys?...g&g
  6. Krazyboy87

    Krazyboy87 New Member

    G&G, without a moments hesitation.
  7. hairyman

    hairyman New Member Supporting Member

    Yep,,,the G&G all the way,,,you could always source a used metal body with a removable carry handle.

    But if its a case of A3 or nothing then you could a hell of a lot worse than the Dboys providing its one of their newer 7mm enhanced line up.
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  8. diabetes

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    Whatever you do don't get the D-Boys. Absolutely atrocious guns (no i dont know how to spell). My friend has one and it constantley gets messed up in one way or another... it's cheap sure but always remember you pay for what you get.
  9. Krazyboy87

    Krazyboy87 New Member

    Yeah, that was with the older Dboys. The newer ones are said to be quite nice.
  10. Novur

    Novur New Member

    I'd stay away from D Boy's stuff, I've heard too many horror stories.

    But as for the ECHO1 and the G&G, I suppose it comes down to personal preference. Although the G&G is obviously more popular with everyone here.
  11. jeme223

    jeme223 Member

    Go for G&G since they have beeter internals and will have better performance.
  12. Snipeshot16

    Snipeshot16 New Member

    exactly, when it comes down to it, for your money you want the best gun. When you are short on money (I have been in your situation), but you still want a good gun you (Probably) will realize that the most important thing is the gun's performance. The G&G is gonna have the best stock performance. If you can manage to save up some extra cash use it to make the gun exactly as you like.
  13. G36fanatic...

    G36fanatic... Supporting Member Supporting Member

    G&G. The others cant even touch it...

    And look through these and see if theres anything you like. Most all are blowback, so the bolt moves and it sounds really cool. There more expensive, but they come with rails, crane stocks, ect... that make them more worth it if you plan on customizing in the future anyway.