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I'm looking to get back in to Airsoft after taking a break for a few years and I would like to run a DMR. The idea is to run the gun in it's base form until something breaks or I save up enough for an HPA kit (probably the Mancraft PDIK). I'm really not interested in building an AEG DMR. I've narrowed it down to three that I think would be solid base guns for it, but since I've been gone for quite a while I'm sure things have changed and some more heads up is always welcome. I've done some research already and am continuing to do so as well.

First is the VFC Scar H. From what I've gathered (I've only seen one person use a VFC back when I played) this is most likely the best gun externally on my list. VFC seems to be the number one OEM for externals, but I've read that their internals can be pretty dodgey. Since HPA is the goal I'm hoping the internals would last me at least a few months until I got the drop in kit. It comes in at around $280 before shipping after Evike's 20% off promotion if I did my math right.

The cons I've read about it are that the VFC midcap magazines are hit or miss. Some people seem to have no issues while others have a lot of issues. This worries me a little since the magazines are $25. For $25 a pop I would like the magazines to work without any issues. The big pros for me are the standard V2 gearbox which works with a plethora of HPA engines if I opt not to use Mancraft and the carbine length.

Second is the A&K SR25-K. I've been eyeing this the longest. It seems like the A&K SR25 is the most recommended DMR base that I could find, and this is a carbine version which is exactly what I want. It uses a V 2.5 gearbox which Mancraft has available in their PDiK engine so that's good. A&K has $12 mid caps which is great when the alternatives are $20-$30, but I can't find much information on it. It has a greater variety of magazine manufacturers as well. Much more so then the VFC Scar's single magazine option. Comes in at around $200 after the 20% off but the external quality is something I'm still looking in to. Haven't found any issues with it so far though. The lower price also makes it easier to get gear and back in to the sport a little faster.

The last one I've been looking at is the Lancer Tactical M4 Advanced Recon Carbine. It comes in at 14" which is fine and is OEM by Lonex which means it should be pretty decent, probably the best out of these three out of the box. However I've found very little information about it apart from a small handful of reviews and it's not available on many stores. It takes standard M4 magazines so there's a plethora to choose from, stocks, etc. so I can do a lot more in terms of customization with it. Contacted Airsoft Megastore about their military discount and they told me it would come to $268 shipped.

It's a standard V2 like the Scar so I have plenty of HPA options, the few videos I found praised the external build quality, and it has a nifty quick spring change so I could run it indoors and outdoors easier then the other two. Problem is people seem really iffy on Lancer Tactical and again, I can't really find much information other then videos from Evike, Airsoft GI, Airsoftology, etc. Nothing from people running it regularly or anything like that. It's also a 5.56. I'm not opposed to running a 5.56 DMR, but as I said earlier, a 7.62 would be my preference. It's also roughly the price of the VFC, which means it'll take me a little longer to get my gear, magazines, etc. Not really a deal breaker mind you, but it's something I think about.
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