NATO 7.62mm mag pouches

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    I've seen a couple of Condor M14 MOLLE mag pouches, but I was wondering if anyone knows of anything else for NATO 7.62mm magazines that'll work with MOLLE. OD or Ranger green is preferred. Thanks.

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    Look at Flyee M14 mag pouches.

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    The larger FAST MAGs are for AK and other large magazines, probably M14 as well.
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    I use M56 or M67 canteen pouches. Sounds weird, but works flawlessly. Simply use zip-ties instead of the ALICE clips to attach them to MOLLE. You can hold two mags per pouch, three if tightly stuffed, and it allows extremely easy access to them. It started in Vietnam as a common practice for holding 30-round M16 magazines due to the M56 mag pouches being designed for 20-round magazines.

    I have heard numerous times that when the M-14 was brought out of reserve and back into the line in Iraq and Afghanistan, canteen covers were used as mag pouches due to the Army having completely phased out the rifle previously, and the mag pouches with it. I came across a discussion page regarding this a few weeks ago but haven't been able to find it since. As a result, I can only offer one photo:
    There's an LC-2 canteen cover attached(presumably with MALICE, I've found zip-ties work perfectly) to a plate carrier overseas sometime before the implementation of the Army Combat Uniform. I can't see any patches, but it was probably shot in Afghanistan where the 7.62mm round's advantages would be more evident.
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