NCPC, G19, Maritime, ACH, Chicom, GBBR

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    Hey guys, lookign to offload my old stuff for cash or select new stuff. Paypal only, shipping and trades policies will be listed with the information regarding the item. If a price is not listed as OBO, dont expect me to be too flexible on offers. Trades listed are the only trades I'm interested in.

    Semapo NCPC sz Lg CB. In great condition comes with triple SFLCS shingle. asking 250+shipping. Will trade for another NCPC in MC or AOR1 or an FCPC or Slickster in RG or CB to match the value of my setup, sz large

    MSA sz Lg MICH 2000 with Surefire HL1-C red/White/IFF strobe, and a Norotos 3 hole mount and Ops Core H-nape. Asking 150+shipping OBO, no trades

    KJW? GBBR. Brand is unknown and the weapon is sold as is. Comes with a hard kick buffer, FMA PEQ15, PTS CTR Stock, MOE RVG and one KAC styled rail cover. Asking 150+shipping. Will trade for TM glock19,17 or M9 or XDM with extras

    Molle Modded Chicom, good condition. 25 shipped, will trade for Crye 330d repros in Multicam or Cb

    KJW G23 with upgraded nozzle and G-Code holster. Works great, 130+shipping OBO. Will trade for a TM G17,19, M9, or XDM

    FMA Maritime Bump. Good condition, some velcro removed. Will sell naked for 40+shipping or with MPLS light repro for 55+shipping. Will trade for repro 2002 setup with some goodies

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    Do KJWs take WA system mags?

  3. Munishin

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    KJW is its own system.
  4. srgt_masters

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    Hell I'm curious about that GBBR.
  5. TheLockenator

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    I'm very curious about it as well, but I don't feel like messing with it and would like money

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  6. TheLockenator

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    Bump it up. The GBBR is traded away and the NCPC negotiations are underway. Everything else is still here and I'm still flexible.

    New Trades:
    G17 Salient Slide with RMR cut. Will stack on more if you include the gold barrel and an RMR. I have cash.