near Farmington?

Discussion in 'Michigan Airsoft Forum' started by NavySpecOps, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. NavySpecOps

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    farmington hills
    Looking for me and my friend to play airsoft with a large group (15-25 people). Hopefuly withing 20 minuets away from farmington, were 14 and play with over 415 fps guns. we play every weekend and a really good.
  2. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    You won't find many places that allow full auto guns over 415 FPS. Standard Michigan Airsoft rules dictate that all guns over 410 must be semi-only and almost all fields follow that rule. Any CQB place aside from a rare few limit FPS to 350 FPS. Pop some lower springs in those guns and come out to Phoenix, ATS, No Limits, or Hell Survivor with the rest of the MiA crowd.