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Hello, I'm Duncan! Me and a group of friends play airsoft every Saturday from 11am-4pm. There are currently about 8 of us (all over 18 years old) that play on me and my neighbor's land behind our houses. The land size is about 10-12 acres, has trees everywhere, a field, a ridge, and a creek. We welcome anyone that wants to join, regardless of skill!

Requirements to come:
1. Must have your own gun
2. Must have your own bbs
3. Must have eye protection (normal glasses will work)
4. Ability to drive yourself or have someone that plays with us as well that can drive
5. Willing to agree to terms that will be given to you when you contact me

Recommendations (but not required):
1. Wear long clothing, boots, and a hat to protect you from bbs and foliage
2. A Gas gun, high power springer (carbine/sniper models), or an AEG rifle. Most engagements will be 10-40 yards.
3. Put on A LOT of bug spray to protect from ticks and other bugs out there

1. Thorn bushes and trees
2. Slippery patches of leaves along ridge

If you wish to join us, contact me at [email protected] and title the subject Airsoft- (your name)

Pictures of the area (area much bigger than seems in pictures):

1. Top Area-
West Side Facing East: East Side Facing West:
2. Ridge/Bottom of Ridge-
East Side Facing West: Middle Facing West:
3. Fields-
North Field: West Field:
4. Creek-
Upstream From Middle: Downstream From Middle:

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I heard everyone talking about going to CMA this weekend, I just picked up my new gun so I'm game to head out this weekend, unless something comes up.
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