Need a co2 sidearm.

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  1. BwKoolG3y

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    Tactical force co2 tf11.
    Tactical force co2 heavyweight pistol.
    Wg co2 panther amrs co2 pistol.
    tactical force co2Im looking into getting a co2 gun airsoft megastore. Those are my top three choices. I cant decide which one to get. They are all under 90 dollars. If someone could please tell me which one would be best that would be awesome. And if you have any suggestions for a co2 blowback sidearm under 95 dollars please let me know.
    And i am looking for something that works for cqb and can double as a sidearm for outdoors. Thanks.
  2. wolf00

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    Just saying i would get green gas/propane if i were you, i dont know if its the same with you but 3 out of the 4 airsoft arenas/feilds dont allow Co2 because the FPS is unstable, just saying.

  3. rblevinski

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    The biggest problem with Co2 is it is much harder to maintain. There is constantly putting silicon on the seal and other sealants and oil. It's a mess, much less to do with green has.
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    You already have a thread for this don't you?
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    Oh shoot. I do.
    I completely forgot.