Need a gas rifle?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Sittingducksatas, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Sittingducksatas

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    So me and my airsoft team all use upgraded AEG rifles, but we want to raise our training by purchasing and using gas rifles so that we are having to use 39 round mags and practice changing, not just for realism but for a new situational change to our play style. So question is whats a higher end good quality metal body gas rifle... lookin more for a m4... thanks
  2. Archer627

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    The KWA LM4 or a KJW M4 GBBR. Both are good choices.

  3. BlueReaper46

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    You should be able to buy real cap mags for most guns, theyll cost less than a new gun, but give you what you want(The reloading).
  4. airsoft6274

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    There a j believe g&g gas (PLASTIC) rifle for 130$ it seems to perform good im just assuming you dont want to spend alot of money
  5. airsoft6274

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    EDIT did not notice the full metal try a WE or kwa
  6. Rocky

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    Get WE. And upgrade to RA-tech steel parts.
  7. Sparky_D

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    Pierce County
    WE and KJW are both proprietary systems but are decent budget minded options. As mentioned above, RaTech has upgrade parts available for both brands.

    Avoid the JG, Well, and AGM GBBR's. While they are based off the Western Arms Magna system, you will litterally have to replace every internal piece (and likely some external parts) to make a skirmishable GBBR out of them.
  8. DualNature

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    WE are fine if you use a heavy silicon grease and have EVERY part coated with a very thick layer. You must do this after EVERY game. if any dirt gets in there the pot metal will grind right down and break.
    If i had the money, i would go for a G&P WOC

    If you dont need an M4 i highly recommend the KWA Kmp-9 (great CQB or light weight, low drag set gun)

    ^yes using real caps in an AEG will work to an extent. but its not the same as using a gas rifle. The realism just isnt there on an AEG, thats why im switching over to Gas. (in minnesota it can sometimes be a problem, as i can only use it half the year)