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    Hello all! After stocking these forums for awhile and not really finding the answer to my question I figured that I would just make a name and ask all you veterans out there.

    My buddy has a KWA M4 RIS that I have tried a few times and really liked the accuracy and range of the gun, on top of that the looks and feel of the gun as well. I am tired of borrowing guns and would like to get my own, preferably one that performs as well as the one I mentioned. I would just go ahead and get the KWA M4 RIS or the KWA SR10, but I figured that there might be a way to get a better performing gun for the same price, or one that performs just as well through upgrading parts. I am pretty good at taking things apart and putting them back together so I am not too worried about that as long as it is easy enough to find some sort of guide to do so.

    So what gun should I get? One of those KWAs, or is there a similarly priced or cheaper gun that is better, or would you recommend buying a gun to fix up, and if so, which gun and what parts to replace with what?

    I know it is a lot of text but basically if you could put $350-$400 into a gun, but didn't necessarily want to if you don't have to, what gun/parts would you buy to do it to get something functioning as well as the KWAs mentioned?

    Thanks for your answers!
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    Well I would buy an ics, from cat airsoft. (Depending on your location). They sell ics guns very cheaply and their guns are very high quality. I just recently bought an m16 sportline and I love it. Also in many cases ics is easier to upgrade and out performs kwa.

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    ICS are great because they have a split gearbox design. This makes upgrading easy and also allows you to have "multiple" guns all in one. What I mean by this is you could have 2 upper Gearboxes one set up for CQB and another for a DMR platform. Along with this 2 upper recievers. So if you go from field to CQB you can easlily change it out.

    The main bias on this forum is against KWA. They use proprietary parts and many people think they are over priced for what you are actually getting. If you don't plan on upgrading I would say go for it. Not to mention you have used one and know how it perfoms.

    Other good brands are


    Also along with the gun don't forget to get a good quality battery & smart charger, BB's , Full seal eye protection, extra mags, etc.
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