Need advice for first airsoft gun for 8 and 10 year olds

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Heidiho, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Heidiho

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    I am wanting to purchase two guns For my son and my nephew Ages 10 and 8 for Christmas. They have no experience with guns at all. I would like to teach them how to Properly handle a gun And allow them to have backyard play with targets. I know nothing about Airsoft myself, so please be specific in your recommendations. I do not want to spend a lot on these guns. Something less than $40 each Would be within my budget. I also need some good recommendations for places to purchase them.
  2. McGee

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    Springer from Walmart, or wherever. It should shoot .12g BB, and be pretty weak.

    I wouldn't let them have anything that players on this forum use - too powerful. Look on the box for recommended ages, I guess. Or ask the salesman at the store.

  3. rich635

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    What about the TM Gindan series? Shipping might cost a pretty penny, and take a while, but it's a good alternative to standard springers you'd find at Walmart. Not sure on how good they'd be in terms of gun safety, I'm not even sure if they have a functioning safety...then again, trigger control. They shoot pretty soft, and are decent enough for backyard plinking.
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    I have to agree with the choice of marui pistols , marui are a trusted brand of airsoft and are very reliable guns , also there power is low yet they are still very accurate so you can have fun plinking in the garden without getting hurt
  5. Tornado-Airsoft

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    Yes the Marui would be a great choice.
  6. Axis

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    Guys, he wants to teach them how to handle a gun. A springer isn't a very good example of that. A gas blowback is.

    Look into buying them each a KJW M9 and get a few Tokyo Marui magazines (for the GBB M9 of course). Then get some green gas for the gun, and you should be set as far as shooting goes. Make sure to get appropriately rated ANSI goggles. Airsoft BBs can easily put an eye out or cause other injury if they are not handled correctly or without proper protection.
  7. Stephengrem

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    Kjw m9? For $40!? Where!?

    You should go with a good springer.

    Be careful though most springers are worthless.
    Read the reviews and you can usually tell if it's worth your money.

    I would recommend airsoft megastore. They had a decent selection on springers. And if you spend $80 there I think you should get free shipping. or they give away free springers with orders over a certain amount.

    I use a utg m14 in my backyard for just messing around. I think it was around $40.
    It's a bit heavy and the bolt might be hard to pull back for children but the gun is very solid for a springer ( I've dropped it, fell on it, left it in the rain, and even thrown the thing into my neighbors pool and it still works!)
    It's got safety, hop up, and adjustable sights.
    If you want to get your kids something that will last I recommend it.

    There's also a famas on their website. It's Easier to cock, still has a safety, but it's not as solid.
    It should be cheaper too

    That TM pistol looks good too

    Hope this helps
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  8. Axis

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    I still say you should get two KJW M9's. They're worth the money and act like most handguns (like most GBBs).
  9. 703

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    While I agree with you, it is at least double his budget.

    I would also recomend a cheap springer. This way he can teach them about gun safety on a relative low budget. A GBB would be great but If his budget doesn't allow it then a springer or maybe a NBB pistol is his next best choice.

    Also I'm not sure wear the OP is located but we are going into the winter months and GBB / NBB pistols don't operate very well / at all in the cold. At least with the springers the kids could have battles outside in the snow.
  10. Lefse

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    What about the Tokyo Marui Boys series? They are AEG's that are slightly smaller than 1:1 scale, and have a fairly low power, around 200fps I think.
  11. BBman1120

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    Yesterday I was at Walmart and they had a springer pistol. I think it was a crosman that look like a m1911. I had one when I was 6 or 7. It should be good for a first one.
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    The only problem I see is the price of green gas. I wouldnt want a 8-10 year old playing with a gas pistol. Especially if they are gonna use propane. That's a explosion waiting to happen.
  16. muntjac13

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    I'm sure you can find some electric blowback pistols for around your budget. I'm not sure how long they will last exactly, but will probably do the job of teaching your kids gun safety more than springers and won't break your bank on GBB pistols
  17. Heidiho

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    Why pistols?

    Is there a reason that everyone is recommending pistols? I never considered going that route prior to seeing everyones advice. I was thinking along the lines of an electric rifle. Any thoughts?
  18. Napple

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    There are zero aegs for that price that arent lpegs. Meaning, if you find a rifle it will be very low powered and most likely be spring.
  19. Heidiho

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