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    Hello im new to airsoft and am looking for help choosing a gun. Am interested in an m4/m16 style. My local field only allows 350 fps and semi only so it needs select fire. My price range is under $200. Just need a good beginner gun. Any help would be appreciated.
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    JG, CYMA, or G&G are all decent options, though G&G is the only one that produces a low power model. If you buy JG or CYMA, you will need to downgrade the spring, as they shoot 400+ fps, however they come with more robust gearboxes than G&G.

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    Take a look at the cheaper Specna Arms models. Solid performers with a genuine quick change spring that doesn't need the gearbox pulling out of the receiver. A spring that'll get you under 350 is usually supplied in the box. They are properly engineered and put together, decent motor and components and nice externals.
    Semi only is a bit more of a problem. That requires either a mod to the selector plate, or a Mosfet that can be programmed to semi only.
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    Specna Arms doesn't sell in the US, which really sucks cause they have nice guns.
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    E&L is the OEM, I haven't tried their guns but I have tried their midcaps (amazing for the price) and I have seen their gearboxes used in high stress builds. How do they compare to SA?
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    Version 3 gearbox shells(ak types) basically last forever. There are no documented cases of them breaking anywhere without someone dropping them from a great height, there is absolutely nothing you could stick in there springwise that would make the front end pop of like version 2s regularly have happen within 2 years of use. Rail space isn't an issue as you can get railed aks extremely easily. Sights on aks are easier to aim down, the high caps hold more, magazine releases are foolproof, barrels are magic lengths(290mm is great for joule creep with a type 0, 455 is super accurate, 363 is the m4 length), motor is screwed into the gearbox(resistant against drops and modifications are easier), the hopup is more durable and easier to adjust as its 4 parts instead of 10-11 like an m4 one. Don't ever listen to hangtight, he's the dumbest out of anyone on this forum, and this IS the worst airsoft forum there is, try if you wanna ask questions, or talk to me. I see these goddamn posts every day, m4s are gimmicks, not starter guns, just because everyone has one doesn't mean it's good, it could be a sign but manufacturers and distributors aren't regulated. It's just because they advertise the **** out of them because they make so much of a profit off of them because they are overpriced. You have other options that use version 3s though, spectre m4s(italian smg) mp40s, g36s, svds, tec 9s(echo 1 GAT) p90s(they say its a version 6 but it's the same thing as version 3), augs, sig 552s, FALs ect ect.
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    I agree about the durability of V3s, but I wouldn't say M4s are a gimmick or some marketing scheme. They are popular because that's what the US Military uses and there are a lot of high quality replicas with V2s. If you want to just play pick up games and skirmish at the local field is doesn't really matter what you wear and what gun you have. Once you get into milsim even the most basic events are very strongly going to encourage using the appropriate replica for the military force you are representing. More hardcore events like MSW won't let you use an AK if you are NATO and vice versa. There are some cases though were a member of the NATO force is allowed to use an AK but it has to be super-soldier-highspeed-decked out.
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    jroble95, while V3s are much stronger than V2s, they are far from indestructible. Plenty of people have broken v3 shells. You're flat out incorrect in stating that there are no documented cases. 455mm barrels are NOT more accurate. And your statement that hangtight is the dumbest person on here (I'm not saying he's smart, but right now you appear to be holding onto that position with a death grip), and that Airsoft Forum is vastly superior is laughable.
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    @jroble95. You took this thread to a dark place. My dude just wants some gun suggestions that fit his budget. No need to be **** posting.
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    This forum is actually far more active that ASF is now, that forum is dying hard and I'm rather sad to see it go. You're also banned there, so not sure why you're advertising for it. You're also banned here now btw.

    Now, let's get this back on topic.