Need advice on what sniper to get

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by dragonsniper, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Hey you guys, so i have decided to get a sniper in the 100- 150$ range but im torn as to what to get. i am looking seriously into the Echo 1 ASR or the Well MB04 or MB12D or MB13D (basically same as ASR). Help?
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    Also this nice guide made by Tyson you should check out.

    And the sticky on snipers.

    Assorted quotes. That you could find in some of these threads.

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    If this will be your 1st gun, please get an AEG first. A Bolt action will not be as much fun as an AEG.
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    No go on the mb04
    I have one and it sucks.
    1st mine atleast has no hop up.
    2nd horrible with .2's and can't adjust scope to anything heavier.
    3rd its got some stupid plastic folding stock
    4 it's a pain to load up the mags on the field.
    5 dude just an aeg unless you've always been a sniper for years the aeg is always better.
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