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    Hi all, guess I should introduce myself before asking for help my name is Aaron I am 16, & I'm from Australia
    I've watched countless hours of airsoft games on YouTube and love every single thing about airsoft
    As many of you would know, airsoft in Australia is highly illegal and owning a airsoft gun can get you sent to jail for the same amount of years as an illegal firearm
    Many Australians want airsoft, but unfortunately our government won't listen.
    So Airsoft Australia Council - Australia's biggest airsoft community has made a petition to legalise airsoft, & now although the petition is for Australia that does not restrict everyone to sign it and share it, so I'd like to request of anyone in these forums with a minute to spare to please sign this protest & possibly share,
    Also give Airsoft Australia Council a like on Facebook as without them this petition wouldn't exist and we would have absolutely no hope of ever getting the excellent sport that is airsoft,
    Thank you all for your time :)