Need help for a base gun to build a DMR.

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    I am still trying to decide on a role and hence a rifle, Sniper or DMR. I am leaning to DMR as I can get closer to negate the extra range a sniper may have.

    Which is easier to upgrade without going in the gear box, sniper or DMR?
    The sniper rifle would probably be a BAR 10.

    The DMR is where I am having trouble. I have a budget of up to $325 before upgrades.
    I have been looking at SR25’s, M14’s, etc. Rifles like this

    As a DMR I want to be able to hit out to at least 250ft.
    I am looking for the DMR to be decent out of the box, so I can play with it right away. Maybe 150-180ft.
    When I upgrade it will I need to upgrade all at once as with the BAR10, or can I slowly upgrade it.

    I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for the DMR and what upgrades I should do as well as which ones first, if it is possible to upgrade over time.
    Thanks for your help.
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    First of all Bolt snipers do not have a gearbox, so if you absolutely do not want to open a gb then go bolt. Anupgraded AEG DMR will perform the same as an upgraded sniper, with the added benefits of AEG mags and semi/even full auto, but will cost more and will require gearbox work.
    Some DMR platforms I would recommend are SR25 and m14, BUT I like to go a little off the beaten path so I use an SL8. SR25s use v2 gearboxes while SL8 uses v3, which is more stable. the best part about the sl8 is it on the g36 platform, so it can take g36 mags, and m4 mags, and you can make it cqb ready just by pulling the front end off and adding a shorter barrel on in like a minute.
    Now for DMR upgrades, get a good barrel and use AT LEAST .28 bbs of good quality. My picks for barrels are madbull 6.03s and prommy 6.03s.
    Hopup upgrade only if the gun shoots inconsistently at desired range
    get a high torque motor
    if you feel comfortable opening up your gearbox or you dont mind paying someone to do it the upgrades should add as much consistency as possible. that means good cylinder and piston/head and a gear setup that can take whatever spring you want in the gun, as a rule of thumb, upgrade the spring last.
    2 more upgrades you might want to consider are mosfets and lipos. on a dmr an 11.1 lipo can REALLY help with trigger response, the downside is the extra current will wear out your trigger contacts more quickly, so i recommend a mosfet. now fets can to some pretty cool things, but if you do not need all the features, a simple one will do, you might want to consider an AB mosfet as you can have the gun cock after each shot instead of before for instant trigger response
    Why is trigger response so important? because if you are shooting someone from 250ft away and you pull the trigger, that small amount of time between when you pull the trigger and when the bb leaves the barrel could mean the difference between a hit or a miss.
    Hope this helps and feel free to correct me if I am wrong or ask any questions, also sl8 is the sexiest looking gun in existence IMHO, so look it up.

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    I find this to be BS. If your running with g36 mags in a g36 platform both g36 mags and m4 mags will not fit in the system with just one mag well. G36 mags are about 1 1/2 of the width of an m4 mag. Also the part of the CQB ready. How is that possible? Unless your ripping out all your upgrades with it the DMR will not have a low enough FPS for regulated CQB play. Correct me if im wrong CQB is usually 350 FPS maximum, and if you have a stock CYMA M14 (DMR)shooting 400. You cant use it in CQB with a shorter barrel.
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    lol there goes the credibility...

    DMR would probably be a more easier role to adapt to than being a patient sniper. A little over your budget, but I'm looking to get the Scar-H SSR soon to use as a DMR base. Be advised, you will put a hell alot of money into which ever gun you end up getting, let alone the hours of fine tuning the gearbox and hop up unit. Also, semi would be more efficient than bolt action, well works that way for me anyway. Easier to get more bbs down range when you need to.

    As for components, you will need to change alot. High torque motor, 16-18 ratio gears, m120-m130 spring, piston with atleast 7 steel teeth, ported piston head, change the stock cylinder head, get an o-ring air nozzle. That's the gearbox components. Then get someone with experience (assuming you are not) with r-hops to install one, get a bucking with good seal, and a 455-509mm tightbore barrel. And your set to go! Unless i've missed anything? might have...
  5. HappyCamper

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    Sorry about that guys, I forgot to add specifics. Now stroop, instead of calling my post BS, you could have asked what I meant, as my post was very large and confusing, but as for the mag compatibility, I meant that if you had m4 mags already you could get a 15 dollar magwell that takes m4 mags instead of g36 mags. It takes a minute to change the magwells and is easy. I never said that you could run both at the same time, just citing an option if OP has an AR and doesn't want to buy new mags.
    Now as for the DMR to cqb, there are a few ways of doing this that I know of.
    1) Madbull Crawler barrel, it can reduce fps by up to 30 and would be in your cqb barrel assembly
    2) a VVD (Variable Velocity Device) this piston/head setup can reduce your fps by over 100 just by sticking the tool down your barrel and turning
    3) a V3 shell with quick change spring system
    4) Don't make the fps super high in the first place, I live in MA, and only 1 cqb place has an fps limit of 350 with .2s. Most in MA have 400 with .2s, one has 400 with .25s, and if you look at the accuracy of TMs shooting under 300 sometimes, you realize that you don't need it that much, but it does help.

    Out of all those options, I like 3 the most, because if you have a stable build, you could make the gun into whatever you wanted, without "ripping out all your upgrades".

    Tl;DR, Should I have been much more specific in first post? Yes. Did you make good points? Yes. Was what I said BS? No.
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    Ok yes. I admit it wasnt BS after you explained. I am sorry! This is my formal apology.

    Doyou have that as your set up?
  7. HappyCamper

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    Np man, and no I don't have it as my setup. I have a CA sl8 though.
    Click on her for all the parts
    Haven't been able to fully test her range but she gets 1" groupings at 100ft.
    The only reason this is not my setup is because i have an ares tavor that is cqb ready and i use pistols and gas shotties indoors.
    That being said if i could ONLY have one rifle it would be my sl8 with an extra cqb barrel assembly with red dot and the quick change spring. That way I would not have to spend all my money upgrading 2 or more guns. Oh and my sl8 makes a great LMG when I have my cmag in and full auto enabled. That is why I love the g36 platform, it can adapt to almost any role if you build it correctly.
    Also I totally understand where you were coming from, I did make some pretty out there claims without backing it up
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