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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by forzamotorsport925, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Hello everyone!!! Great to be on the forum!

    I wanted to get into some airsoft because the winter months are here and its time to get on the field since it isn't like 200 degrees outside :D

    But I don't have a gun and for my first "real" airsoft gun I don't really want to break the bank...since I don't play that often. But I am still looking for something that for one doesn't feel like Walmart plastic, but more like the polyester that you would find on a air rifle, or better yet metal.

    But my budget is whats going to kill me, I would like to stay $100 or below, but If I have too I would go a little higher. And I would love at least have a 350+fps with a .20g BB gun.

    It doesn't matter if its a AEG, Sping, CO2 I would just like for it to meet any of my requirements. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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    Welcome to the Forum!

    Tactical_Skittles and ZaryK are correct.

    In my opinion, The CM-028 is well built and will last a long time given it's extremely low price. I have had 2 variants of them and I can confirm this. Even in it's stock condition, It performs good enough for it's price. Even better with a few DIY mods to the Gearbox and especially the Hop-up. AK's and their Version 3 gearbox's are also very easy to work on. Later on, you might have an interest in teching and the CM-028 would be a great platform to start on and learn from.

    If you do order from Evike, Make sure you enter the coupon "FREESHIP" at checkout. This will save you $15-$20 on S/H.

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    Montgomery Creek/Redding has a 40% off sale right now. Definitely check out all the major online retailers to see what kind of sales they have. You should also see what pops up on your local Craigslist. I just got a full metel m4 and a bunch of accessories for $80. Boneyard guns and mystery boxes are also a good option. Basically my point is, shop around as much as possible and look at all the reviews you can find before you buy something. Maybe try to save up another $50-$100. That will give you way more options.
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    Montgomery Creek/Redding
    I'd personally go with that CYMA AK105. That's a really good deal. If you're into AKs you won't be disappointed with that one.
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    Literally the only issue that I have heard about their guns are compression issues. Fairly easy to fix, but only really required if you want supreme fps consistency. On the other hand, some other companies make guns that have similar quality at a higher price...
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    I would also get a CYMA or JG. That AK105 looks like it'd be great for you, and CYMA is reliable.
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    AK-105 is a damn bargain (it costs less than my CM028c which costed me 96$+tax for Christmas. Now I have a bad case of buyer's remorse). Valken Battle Machine, ironically, was asked on Reddit airsoft, and consensus was that it was absolute garbage.