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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and a beginner airsofter, I own 2 AEGs, my CYMA AK and WE-Tech M4 AEG. I'm almost positive that my fuse is blown on my M4, but have failed to locate the fuse. My battery is wired to the crane stock (and yes it IS charged). So far what I've done to try to locate the fuse is: take off the entire buffer tube, revealing the long cable to the small tamiya connector, I took off the buffer tube expecting to see a fuse box somewhere in the middle, but I instead found nothing but wire. I have taken off the upper receiver, revealing the gear box (I haven't taken the gearbox out yet as I know nothing about it) and didn't find anything, then I took off the handguard, where there's unsurprisingly no wires. I tried to take a look at the motor in the pistol grip, but the screws are stripped and I'm unable to unscrew it. WHERE IS THE FUSE?? All help is appreciated, sorry if I'm sounding newby.
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    Not all guns have fuses. If it does have a fuse it will be near the battery plug, which it sounds like yours does not have one.

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    Given that you have exposed every portion of the harness that could contain the fuse, Zaryk is probably correct, you do not have a fuse; therefore, your issue must be something else. Examine the exposed portions of your wiring for breaks or bare spots, if none exist the problem is likely internal. However, before assuming this you need to remove the motor from the grip and examine the wires and connections inside. If there are no issues here, then they are probably inside the gearbox and are likely related to the trigger system.

    However, since you have not accessed the motor, it is possible that your motor connectors have disconnected or failed entirely. Once you check this let us know and we can troubleshoot it from there.