Need help on my G&P build

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  1. Sutro

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    San Francisco
    My setup:
    -G&P Magpul Moe / G&P Gearbox except:
    -SHS 16:1 Gears
    -SHS 15T Corrected AOE 3/16 and Radiused Gearbox
    -SHS HT Motor Black Can w/SHS Pinion
    -Lonex 8mm Solid Bushings
    -Zardichar Mosfet /16awg wire
    -Guarder SP120
    -ZCI aluminum piston head
    -5000mah 7.4v 20c

    Rest is stock G&P parts.

    I am getting overspin.
    What are the pros and cons to getting overspin?
    I have it with my current setup, 1.5 spin. If I switch to a 22tpa motor would it fix it?
    Should I keep the shs ht???
    Or should I ignore it?

    My goals are simple: 400fps @25rps
    Reliability and trigger response build.
  2. Lefse

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    You should barely get any overspin with that setup. Most likely your cut-off lever or trigger trolley is worn, or there may be some other issue in the trigger system that causes the overspin. I'm running 38 rps with almost no overspin without an AB mosfet myself, I'm also using an SHS HT (16TPA version) and 13:1 ratio gears with 2 teeth short stroke. I also shortened the trigger switch return spring, this can significantly reduce overspin.