Need Help!! Tanaka M700?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by AndreReed, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. AndreReed

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    I'm looking for an airsoft aniper rifle, i've found a Tanaka m700 in Redwolf airsoft with Scope and bipod for $299 (it has 44% off normally is $534)
    I just wanna know if it is a good stock gas sniper rifle (i dont want to get the HPA) or i should get the echo1 m28 and buy an aluminum piston, spring guide and a steel sear.

  2. Raven1st

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    Practically; a spring power rifle will be much more consistent throughout all weather but a gas one is cool.

    I have a Tanaka and it is really fun to shoot, but it does have a proprietary hopup chamber and hopup rubber (2 piece design). An Rhop is not doable with the stock chamber and barrel cut.

    Running off of GG it does shoot hot in summer weather (450fps with .30G BB's in 70F) and needs a decent aftermarket hopup bucking (G&G is the only one).