Need Help with Gun Misfeeding

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by flamelauncher14, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Hey guys!

    Alright I have a slight problem with my Matrix Full metal M4. It has a CNC one piece hop up unit with an Aim Top bucking (I will get a new one soon). Everything else is stock besides a fuse installed in the wiring.

    Here's the scoop: the air nozzle (that little red nozzle that retracts to feed a BB into the hop up, and pushes forward to chamber it, and compresses air at the bb which launches it) doesnt seem to retract all the way when the trigger is pulled, which means BBs won't feed. Occasionally a BB will feed, but then the same problem ensues, and the BB jams. Some people say it could be the Tappet Plate. I'd like to know, is this true? And what do you think the problem is? Thanks!

  2. tscebu

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    Check to see if the tappet plate spring is on correctly, or if the tappet plate is warped.

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    if the tappet plate fin is worn down, it will not allow for a full nozzle retraction. if you recently changed your tappet or sector gear, they may not be properly matched.