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  1. airsoftplayer14

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    I need help making my airsoft gun shooting at least 450 fps with a decent rate of fire. If any one can, can you please list the parts needed to preform this upgrade. And this plan is for a socom gear mk112. Thanks for you help!

    The gun stock shoots 393 fps just need a 50-60 fps increase. Thanks
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  2. AJ_Jordan

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    Why do you want your gun to shoot so hot?

  3. ShooterMcgavin

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    Same question. 420 really should be max fps for a field weapon and it seems like you are at a pretty good fps all ready.

    Are you trying to turn this into a DMR?
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  4. airsoftplayer14

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    Yes i would like to turn my gun into a dmr. The max i want it to shoot is at least 300 feet. But at that distantnce i want some one to know that they have got hit. Sorry for my grammer.
  5. Username94

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    Anyway you need more than just and fps boost to hit 300 feet. That fps boost will maybe add what, 10-20 feet? You need more upgrade parts and diy mods such as a new hopup bucking and maybe chamber. You definitely want to R-hop your gun. There are some tutorial online.