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  1. Kulprit

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    Hey guys, not sure if this is posted to the right forum, if incorrect I apologize.

    I am rather new to Airsoft in general and I want to start doing some modifications to my G&P M4.

    What I'd like to do is convert it over to an M18 mod 1 with the DD Rail system etc. From what I have gathered in my research though I need a special barrel nut for the G&P as it's a little off.

    Problem is I can't find this thing ANYWHERE! I've been looking for a solid week to no luck. It seems to be out of stock everywhere I can find.

    Here is the part I am looking for to give you a better idea:

    If anyone can help me track one down I'd be incredibly greatful. Just figured you guys with more experience might have a better idea of good vendors to check.
  2. Kulprit

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    Bump for another try, still having no luck finding the part

  3. bal1

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    I would wait until they have the item in stock or just contact ehobby.
  4. Knief

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    That part is in ridiculously high demand. MK18 mod1s are hot right now because everybody wants to do a SEAL kit (just look at all the SEAL threads on this board) and G&P makes some of the more accurate and better looking colt receivers. So that means a lot of people are buying G&P ARs and putting DDII rail system on. That part is out of stock all the time because everybody wants one. Your best bet is either to buy a VFC instead of a G&P if you haven't bought already (VFC makes an mk18 mod1 already built that looks great, by the way), or find a place where you can order the part while its on backorder and just wait for it to come in.
  5. Kulprit

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    Believe it or not Knief this actually makes me feel better as I was worried that part wasn't in production anymore. If it's just a seeking one out and finding it then I will get the job done! lol

    I have already purchased the G&P and love it thus far. If I had to do it all over again I may have gone the VFC 416 route that you have, nice gun. But I am not unhappy at all.