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Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by FAL, Jul 28, 2012.

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    I have been playing at airsoft fields for like 1 year now and its only two other people in our crew by the way I'm 14 I live in lauderhil, Florida near the south side of florida my weapons are a Stinger s32p. A desert egale pink and if your in the near any of these locations Lauderhill , fortlauderdale or plantation
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    S. Florida
    Welcome to Airsoft Society. Please elaborate on exactly what you're looking for.
    If this is for a team please state so as well as any requirements. If this is for a field and you're trying to coordinate a group, well explain it. Giving subtle hints doesn't do much to explain to anyone what's going on.

    Also double check your spelling and punctuation.