Need Players! Starting UP!

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    Greenville, MS
    Ok guys, so me and a buddy of mine are getting an airsoft group together and we are looking for people who are interested! We are located in Greenville MS in the Mississippi Delta which is right next to the AR/MS River Bridge! We have 2 fields we will be playing at. 1 is a sand pit/wooded area which we are working on building forts and getting some obstacles and cleaning up a little bit. 2 will be a wooded area with some trails and stuff in it. Don't know if we will do much to it. We will not charge for games but if we put together tournaments or events then the prices will be posted on the events page. We are still a work in progress and trying to get a good turnout when we schedule some games. I really hope to get a good group of people so we can play and practice to eventually go to a MILSIM Event! We do not currently have any scheduled due to the lack of bodies but hope to change that soon! The link to our group is below!