Need some advises on AEG selection.

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  1. yashamalu

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for an assault rifle with ACCURACY at long distance(chest-size target at 150feet) and decent velocity(above 350FPS), and of course durability.
    My budget for the rifle itself is around $200 and I'm willing to spend another $50 to upgrade the accuracy. So would you guys kindly offer your opinions on my selections, thanks!

    A. Megastore Armory Full Metal AMR-4 SD Electric Blowback MOSFET Enhanced
    It looks really cool with many attractive features, and its official video proved its accuracy. It comes with full-metal construction and body and blowback feature and 6.03 TB barrel at $205. But I'm not sure if such a low price compromises something like durability or upgrade space.

    B. G&G M4 Raider Long
    Not full-metal construction so unknown durability.

    C. CUSTOM 400 FPS DBoys Full Metal M4 CASV
    Is DBoys good for durability and upgrade potentials?

    So what do you guys think?
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  2. S1kkguy

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    I'd deffo go with the G&G. May not be metal but it'l be a very durable ABS/Polymer meaning it'l be a nice weight for a long days skirmishing. Also, their stock internals are rated quite highly, their green buckings pretty cool too. Not sure how their stock barrel comes so just chuck in a TB and your ready to go! ;)

  3. teamHOGZairsoft

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    G&g makes some pretty good m4's just some minor things to watch out for. The motor is alittle iffy sometimes not the best motor id upgrade that if you can. Also the trigger on mine and come CM get a sticky trigger pull and bullets keep flying after a trigger squese. Just spray some silicone oil in it and it'll be fine. I threw in a 509mm 6.03 tbb by madbull and an external suppressor and it increased the range+ accuracy quite a bit. Now its comepletely customized so its a great gun. As well as the abs plastic is SUPREME grade quality it will not break on you at all!
  4. AirsoftimusPrime

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    None of what you posted will give you desirable results, let alone what you want. Go to Airsoft GI and get a JG M4 or JG M16.
  5. Batman

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    JG M4
    Systema bucking
    6.03 Tightbore
    Compression mods
    AoE corrected

    Done. With money to spare. Even cheaper if you buy used.
  6. Username94

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    The only other thing I could recommend is an ICS m4 with the same upgrades.