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New AK Gearbox

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The gearbox on my contractor AK has some unknown issues and since I am coming back from a long airsoft hiatus so I do not want to try and fix the gearbox for my main rifle at this time.

The point: I am looking to buy this king arms gearbox ( or buy a G&G AK CM, pull the gearbox and drop it in my rifle, then practice working on the old gearbox and then swap them again or put it into the G&G when it's all done or just cannibalize the G&G.

Just looking for input on the best course of action, so recommendations are much appreciated.
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Best course of action? I would say you should probably fix or upgrade your current gearbox. If you are willing to open it up and explain what appears to be the problem I'm sure we can walk you through it. As for $130, you can easily build a top end gearbox from the ground up for that, the king arms one is mediocre.

Personally I would purchase a gearbox shell (if needed) of this forum, I can link one if you need. Then salvage the working parts from your gearbox and purchase the rest. That should give you a good reliable gearbox with a tad of work. Up to you, if you decide to build one I can give you a recommended parts list.
Pretty sure current gearbox is a JG stock gearbox (purchased gun second hand). Has been sitting in a box for about 3 years while i was over seas. I'm pretty sure it is an electrical issue, and possibly a shim issue, but i am insure. I will post images of the disassembled gearbox.

Have a deepfire titanium full tooth piston and low impact metal and cushioned piston head and cylinder head set from AGES ago (about 6 years).

Thanks for the help.
In that case, I would just reassemble the GB with the deep fire piston and parts. For shims, you can get a set of SHS shims off of for around $8 with shipping. That way you can also order a new trigger or anything else you may need to fix the gun.

As for shimming, I may get burnt at the stake for saying this :p but you don't need to shim the gun perfectly. Last shim job I did was a 30min job and my gears are nearly perfectly shimmed.

The only time you need to perfectly shin the gun is if you want max performance, you just sound like you want it fixed up.

As for an electrical issue, what happens when you plug in a battery? Describe the issue before you take it apart.
went rummaging through my boxes after i posted last time. The wire harness is i assume that was a lost cause a few years ago and explains why i never finished it. looking up some stuff now.

Any recommendations on the harness?
Not particularly. Making your own is usually the best option, but unless you have soldering equipment and feel like doing that, you should probably buy one. Unfortunately brill doesn't carry any, but here is a good one of off amazon. Element Large Capacity Switch Assembly Wiring for AEG Gearbox Version 3 Rear

This should work just fine, and it's probably better than the stock one. Besides adding a harness, you probably want to clean every part of the GB with isopropyl alcohol then grease all the moving parts with synthetic gear grease like super lube. Other than that, you should be just fine.
Thanks for the help. I guess i will just upgrade the gearbox then. New cylinder (stock one is ported), spring guide, wire harness, and bushings.

Ha, should be a good re-learning experience.
Thanks for the help. I guess i will just upgrade the gearbox then. New cylinder (stock one is ported), spring guide, wire harness, and bushings.

Ha, should be a good re-learning experience.
No problem. Shouldn't be all that hard after you figure out where all the parts go! And I would recommend you shop at brill because they seem to have the cheapest parts with low shipping. Good luck with the repairs!
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