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    I've been adding upgrades to my G&G GR15 Raider to improve trigger response and power. After putting the gearbox together (motor, trigger, lower receiver, etc.) and hooking it up to a 9.6v NiMH battery, the wires get really hot after 60-90 consecutive shots on semi. They seem to get hottest at the Tamiya connectors. What's interesting is that the battery's wires get a lot hotter than the new silver wiring I installed.

    Here are the relevant upgrades:

    Magic Box 30K High Torque Motor

    SHS 8mm Oilless Bushings

    G&G Low Resistance Wire Set (silver)

    SHS 13:1 Super High Speed Gear Set

    SHS Steel Teeth High Speed Piston

    SHS M110 AEG Spring

    I corrected for AoE, improved the airseal by stretching out the piston head O-ring, and shimmed the gears bevel-to-pinion style. I shimmed them to the point where the gears spin about 2 rotations freely and have maybe 0.1mm of up-and-down play (I'd say about the thickness of a sheet of paper but I suck at gauging thickness).

    I'm not sure how serious this issue is, or what else I can do to fix it. I'm worried the battery might get ruined after a prolonged firefight, and I plan on taking this new build to an op in a week. Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    What gauge is the wire? You should rewire to deans and good 16awg wire, and definitely a mosfet and 2-3s lipo depending on the RoF you want. How many RPS are you getting?

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    Wiring is standard gauge for an airsoft gun. Firing rate is around 850-900 RPM, I think. Is a 7.1 or 11.1 lipo best for this build?
  4. -Spitfire-

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    No mosfet? 7.4v lipo