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    This is my first time at the new Combat City Indoor Field , and I found it did not live up to my expectations, especially because I thought that the reason that they moved locations was to upgrade the facility, but it was definitely downgraded. First, the place is to small, the old indoor field was much larger, which allowed for more people to play in each game without being to crowded. The new field is about 1/3 the size of the old field, and there was way to many people playing in each game. Second, the games were played with unlimited "lives" meaning that no one ever gets taken out of the game, so there is really "no winner" in each game. When I asked the referee why they played with unlimited respawns I was told that if they limited the amount of lives each player had, that no one would actually "call" their hits. So basically there is not much of an honor system going on at Combat City, Airsoft requires an honor system, or good referees , which brings me to the third dislike, there was only one referee in the game, and you can't referee a game properly with only one. My only other suggestion would be games on SEMI instead of FULL- AUTO, most games were basically a shooting gallery from one end of the field to the other, which is not much fun because it does not allow for any movement on the field , but if you did move forward you were usually "killed" shortly after that , so then you moved back to the "Respawn" and got back in the game, and this repeated over ,over, over, and over until time ran out, therefore there were really no "winners" in the games.

    Overall I was very disappointed in the new Indoor Field , the Old Indoor Field had a good thing going and now its no where near what it used to be . SAD !!!

    I'd suggest that they limit the games, at least some to semi-auto, and have alternating games and limit the amount of players in each game to allow for more of a "Sporting" Airsoft Game Experience, also give a limited amount of RESPAWNS, and have a few GOOD referees to make sure everyone is following the rules, LASTLY , "CALL YOUR HITS PLAYERS" AIRSOFT IS A GAME PLAYED ON THE HONOR SYSTEM, AND IT IS A LOT MORE FUN AND CHALLENGING WHEN WE ALL PLAY FAIR !!!

    The Outdoor Field is still a stellar place top play, unfortunately in the summer here in Florida its to hot to play, so the Indoor Field was a nice alternative until fall or winter came around.:mad::mad::mad: