New comers.. need advice :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Taufik, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I'm new to Airsoft sport, can anyone recommend me the best rifle and its brand for me to buy. And can anyone please tell me, how far can the airsoft bullets go? and does airsoft guns or rifle accurate?
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    Hola and welcome to the society, here you will be able to rebuild your airsoft life with threads and threads of new information! Up at the top is a search bar, it will look like this.


    One of the greater things about this society is that it's been around FOREVER so you can imagine nearly every simple question has been asked before, such as "what's the best m4 for 150 dollars?", "What's the best brand?", or "Help with DMR build" and all that information can be yours (if your're willing to learn that is)!
    Alternatively if you have trouble with the search bar, you can try searching via google and just attaching "airsoft society" to the end of it. Like so.

    Now I don't mean to bully you, and you may be wondering why I'm giving you all this new information, but around here we have a rash of new guys who always ask the same questions, and to be frank, it gets old. So I'm just making you aware of all this the second you join, so you can help us avoid some of the trouble. Get em while they're young, know what I'm saying?

    Oh and like everyone else said, be sure to read the rules!

    Lastly, because some people don't understand the concept we have people called moderators, who hang about the forum policing it and making sure the rules are followed! You may notice them as some of the guys giving threats:D either way you are going to want to make sure you check the rules to stay out of the way of those guys, those guys being (Currently active Mods off the top of my head)
    Sparky D
    The only buster
    Unless you have some very solid evidence arguing with any mods isn't a good idea.

    Do you have any tech experience by chance? Techs are always a nice addition to the forum, always have people asking about builds and people who need help fixing their gun. If you're not perfectly that's perfectly fine as well! Hang around here long enough and you'll probably try something or other with your gearbox. One note on posting although, another thing people have a tendency to do when they join (and even some members who've been around a while) is give out poor information or give out simply incorrect information, don't be afraid to share your experiences or your opinion, but if you get into a factual argument, please please make sure you're facts are right for example please don't post things along the lines of

    First off that would violate the rules which state to use proper spelling and grammar, so let's go ahead and add that in.

    This is better, at least you aren't violating any rules with this, however one of the first things you should learn is that FPS doesn't mean nearly as much as people would like to believe, for example the difference in range between 350 FPS and 380 FPS is negligible. So that isn't really a selling point, also when you think about it that post really doesn't describe much about the gun! Let's try making it a non arguable statement with some more details. A good guide (when recommending something) is to find several things you like about the gun and at least making note of one thing you didn't like, this way people can see you're at least trying to be non biased, for example, I'm much more likely to believe the guy saying "Yeah I personally love goldenball bbs, they get me fantastic range, but I have spotted a high rate of bbs with bubbles in them." than the guy who says, "Goldenball bbs are awesome, they get me fantastic range!" Now adding that all into this quote.

    This is a much better post, however brings me to the last of my points, if you ever tell someone to look for something try to provide a link. If there are several lancer tactical reviews he may find a crap one where a guy fires 5 shots at a paper target on his backpack some 15 feet away. To avoid this, link him and he can go watch a decent review, then maybe find other reviews on his own.

    That's all for now, read, check out the sales section (classifieds) and post!