NEW CQB field is open in panama city!

Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by jondahoot, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. jondahoot

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    Panama City
    Panhandle Airsoft is trying to get airsoft back in the area again and have opened a new cqb field, check out there page on facebook for more info'Panhandle airsoft' and if more people start to come more often im gona open my 10 acre field and panhandle airsoft might get a bigger indoor field. Any players in the are come check it out!!
  2. crazyerchris

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    Yes that is correct! We have found a building that is allowing us to use their space to play airsoft in. The building is a little over 3,000sq and we have spent time adding walls to make it a fast paced good time. Right now we are only allowed to play once a month but if more people start showing up we can play more. If enough players start showing support we can get our own building that is 10,000sq and be open all the time!

    Panhandle Airsoft has been in the Panama City area for about 3 years now and we have held numerous outdoor events. We used to be located at 77 paintball (for those that remember), since then our player base has dropped off and now we are trying to rally the masses and try our hand in the CQB Arena! Please come support us so we can bring back the awesome events and bring a 10,000 sq CQB to Panama City!!!! For game info and more check us out on facebook here