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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ex-Gooserider, Dec 4, 2021.

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    Just registered, I have started doing airsoft primarily as a low cost way of doing training for IDPA and other 'real gun' shooting sports.
    My gun is a Sig Sauer ProForce M18 replica.

    I have been reading a good bit of stuff about airsoft and while it looks like a fun sport, I have serious doubts about my personal ability to reasonably participate in it. I am a wheelchair using paraplegic, and as such would have major challenges with the amount of running around that I see in any of the videos I've looked at. Given that I either need both hands to move in my manual chair, or my strong hand to move in my power chair, and can't do much in the way of ducking, seems like the only role I could play is 'target' :eek: (I haven't seen much searching for disability and airsoft either, and the local store sort of agreed...)

    I have shot in the last two Adaptive Defensive Pistol Summits that have been held at Sig Sauer Academy in NH, and done about mid-pack, which isn't bad, but I'd like to improve that. My shot placement was pretty good, but I was definitely on the slow side. Several people suggested that getting an Airsoft pistol and practicing with it would help me improve.

    Not sure if this is the right place, but thought it was worth a try. (I'm open to suggestions if there is a site that is more focused on "airsoft as training tool" rather than "airsoft as mock combat")

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    Welcome to the forum! I've seen a few interesting powered wheel chairs for airsoft before. Some even make them into small vehicles for events or ride in vehicles in events instead.

    Due to ammo prices more have turned to airsoft as a cheaper way to practice. So many new members are focused on that.

    Years ago I helped my girlfriend during her police academy, she was struggling with firearm qualification so she practiced with my airsoft glock for about 1000 shots then I took her to a private range and we put about 250 real steel shots downrange. She passed her handgun qualification shortly after.

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    I used to play lacrosse when the team would let me on and at these games, their was a disabled man who rode in this crazy looking tank wheelchair. I am talking two tracks on either side. I can not remember how he controlled it, but I would like to say a single joystick on the arm. This would allow his other hand to be free. Might be worth investing in especially if you want to start going on beaches or rides through hiking trails. I saw this man drive it straight through a mudded ditch to get over a hill where the game was located. And it was an electric version.

    Update: I found a legit USA made robotics company that specializes in making these 0 turn wheelchairs in the USA. They have a smaller 30" electric version which is capable of going up to 7-9 mile on a single charge. It has a single proportional joystick on the right side. However, I bet you these guys would be willing to move the controls to the left side if you asked them since they are made to order machines. I am unaware of a price as you need to contact them for that info. If you are a right hand shooter, you could contact them asking for details and a price as well as ask if they would fabricate it with controls on the left side instead. Here's the link that will take you to the exact model of which I am speaking...

    Second Update: I just reread what you posted and I just want to say that Airsoft is the sport for everyone. I think any airsofters would be lucky to have you on their team. The fact that even in your disability, you still push yourself to try new things is inspiring to most, including myself. Airsoft can be played anyway the player wants as long as his or her intention is for the end goals to be reached: the first goal is to try to win for your team; the second goal is to have fun. Go have some fun!:D
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    Get a Carhart overalls, and crawl around the field. Find a place with cover and snipe people may be a possibility for you to play airsoft. Of course, I don’t know how extensive or where your injury is. So this may not be the best solution.
  5. ex-Gooserider

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    North Billerica
    Thanks for the welcome - although I'm not at all sure about being able to participate in an active game...

    Crawling isn't really an option, I've had to do it a few times when I've fallen, and it is hard to do 30 feet, indoors on a floor... A person uses their legs when crawling far more than they realize, and when the legs don't work you have to drag them, instead of getting propulsion from them...

    The tank chairs are fantastically expensive, and are very slow, not to mention the challenge of hauling them around (like most, my adapted van can't use a trailer hitch, and it would be very problematic to carry a track chair and my regular one in the van at the same time....

    I am not afraid to push boundaries, but I'm not sure this is one that has a good way around it...

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    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Guges Mk3

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    There was a guy back about 6 years ago that had a wheel chair and knobby tires. he rolled around the paths and shot at people.

    The field owner and the player base there made up special rules for him, essentially turning him into a tank and the only way to take him out was to hit special spots.
  8. RWS3

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    armor up your power wheelchair and make it into an airsoft tank
  9. Squad144

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    Ocean Springs
    I agree, it would be awesome.
  10. ex-Gooserider

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    North Billerica
    I might be able to do that with one of my project rear wheel chairs when I get it finished, I wouldn't want to try it with my current chair as it has trouble making it across such difficult terrain as LAWNS :oops::mad: (It sucks having to call neighbors or the local fire department to come rescue you...) Most chairs really suck outdoors because most US insurance will only cover chairs intended for use "INSIDE the home" so that is what is available in the US (There are some really nice chair models available in the UK and EU, but the manufacturers won't import them into the US)

    It might be possible at an indoor field, but I'm not aware of any within reasonable driving distance (I've looked...)

  11. OutlawAirsoft

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    Welcome, and I hope you can figure something out! While airsoft tends to be a very active sport, I imagine you could set up for more of a sniper role and stay in one general area.