New field in George county ms

Discussion in 'Mississippi Airsoft Forum' started by pinteda, May 19, 2017.

  1. pinteda

    pinteda New Member

    I am planning a new field and would like input on what area players want in a field. My plan involves mostly milsim scenario based play. All suggestions appreciated. Area is 10 acres, rectangular in shape with a branch running through it.
  2. Nova2040

    Nova2040 New Member

    Very interesting! It would be great to have a new field for milsim events in the area.

  3. Swamp Soft

    Swamp Soft New Member

    Hurley, MS
    Well, honestly, woodlands areas are cool to me. But It would be cool to have an urban place for a change. As of now I play in the woods so this would be great to have. But, what do YOU have in mind. It is your field, ya’ know. By the way, the name is Dallas, I’m from Hurley.