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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by airsoft1673, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. airsoft1673

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    With an $150 budget, I can't find holsters, a vest, a new full face mask, and nice gloves without exceeding it.
  2. Shadow_Nugz

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    I'd recommend saving up until you can get high quality stuff. Look at Flyye(everyone else here will say the same thing) and aim for that. Start with a simple Plate Carrier/ Chest Rig/ Vest with a few mag pouches/ whatever else you need, then continue buying things in the order you absolutely need them.

  3. bsportft

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    Sometimes buying vest and plate carriers used isn't a bad option considering they can't really break.
  4. Lefse

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    You don't HAVE to get a vest with mag pouches you know. Your pants have pockets, use them until you can afford a vest. Gloves are also not essential, I rarely play with gloves, only if it's really cold in the winter. You shouldn't cheap out on face protection of course. Yes, I said face protection, I recommend getting a full face mask, or a goggle+half-mask combo. Shooting glasses only does not give nearly enough protection, you DON'T wanna get hit in the mouth. You should put most of your money into your primary gun, JG and CYMA make good low budget guns. Can't go wrong with a CYMA AK or JG G36.
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