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Would you sell the m840a or the lancer

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  1. GABRIEL1957

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    This is my New weapon system and it will be in probably this week can not comment on it yet but here is a description:

    Almost new G&G GR16 with custom quad rail. I bought this a couple years ago and never played a game with it. Includes everything in the photo. "Aimpoint" red dot, "Mag-pul" flip up sights and rail guards, extra inner barrel, extra hop up parts, three mid-cap mags, one hi-cap mag, two batteries, the original barrel and quad rail, laser sight with pressure switch, soft side carry case with mag holders.

    I got this on E-BAY auction this is the second one I bought and the first one was a Lancer M4 Tactical arms with Version 2 metal gearbox. It is a great airsoft gun. I have a M804A with a scope and I use this airsoft rifle most of the time it is a slower gun but very light and you can carry it all day. It shoots at 265 FPS and the Lancer shoots at 320 FPS.

    I use a HK USP handgun as a secondary weapon. I have 3 mags for this one and for the M4's I have 4 hi-caps and 6 mid-caps. The HK shoots at 345 fps hits really hard.

    Now my problem is when I get my new gun I have to get rid of one of my other guns. Man this is a hard decision but I will run all 3 this Saturday at Labyrinth in Cleveland at 10011 Walford ave.

    See you there and if you need a gun I may be selling 1 or 2?:eek::mad::(

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