New Indoor Field/Shop gauging interest. (MIDWEST)

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by A&M R&R, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. A&M R&R

    A&M R&R New Member

    Hello and whats up,

    I am wanting to gauge this airsoft audience and Interest in the possibility of a new Indoor field and pro Shop with Tech in the Omaha-Lincoln area.

    We would be competing in two markets simultaneously, both "Real Steal" AND "Replicas."
    Previously the markets have not crossed, aside from sporting goods stores. We aim to change that and bring the airsoft community into the future. We are looking to bridge that gap, using Replicas as training tools to learn fundamentals, respect and responsible ownership of "Real Steel." These tools present a great opportunity, one often overlooked by the real steel crowd.
    By bringing up the next generation of firearm owners with a healthy dose of responsibility and respect for firearms and replicas alike.
    They also allow us to train more effectively under duress and develop good training fundamentals.

    We would like to focus on a positive cooperation between airsoft replicas and real steel firearms. We believe each should be treated with great respect and deserve the chance to perform alongside one another.

    For us Airsofters...
    I understand that during the long days of winter a larger Indoor facility would be great for local players open on weekends with a pro shop open weekdays.
    Larger outdoor fields would be a longer term goal of the business. In the mean time we would plan larger MIL/SIM and larger scale outdoor events for when weather permits.
    If you are interested and want to stay up to date on this, please let me know.

    Please reply with the top 3 requests you have for a new airsoft field and Pro Shop.


    Thank you for your time,
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  2. A&M R&R

    A&M R&R New Member

    This indoor field will be approx 30,000 sq/ft. It will be the largest indoor field in the Midwest.
    Think of an outdoor field, only indoors. Year round play inside, regardless of weather or temperatures.
    Longer gameplay with a variety game types possible in the larger space.
    A place big enough to house your dmr’s.
    We’d offer a full pro shop and tech on site.

  3. Clark.S

    Clark.S New Member

    Hi, this would definitely be an awesome thing to have. From lincoln and I play with five other people monthly. My requests would be have some guns/gear to rent if possible, large open areas for snipers like myself, and good refs. All of that is obvious stuff but the only things I can think of. I hope that an arena is built!!
  4. Clark.S

    Clark.S New Member

    Any progress with this project?
  5. fred_ditto

    fred_ditto Well-Known Member

    Des Moines
    Kind if necroing here, but an indoor place in the midwest would be amazing. I don't like having to go 6.5 hours south to southern Missouri.