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    Im switching out of my old loadout for a new one. Looking for input on choices, this will take a while to gather everything at the choices I have used (school bills kills any income i have)
    Let me know what you think or if there are better options or better prices for items I listed. Clones are acceptable as long as they are not absolute junk.


    3x on front -
    3x front-left side -
    2x on my back for team -
    Hydration/Backpack (I have one in black and love it) -
    Dump Pouch -

    Shirt -
    Pants -
    Shirt -
    Pants -


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    Ditch the Tacos for the side and grab this (or single versions) for a low profile collapsible pouch:

    And if you're concerned about price at all, I'd go with the ATS 3 mag shingle over three TACOs for the front as well:

    Buddy mags are usually less useful than people think, but that'll be up to you to decide.

    Instead of the Tru-Spec combat shirt, grab a Massif from ebay. They're available for cheaper and significantly better (and better looking!).

    You're probably going to want a belt if you don't have one already, and are you planning on adding accessories to that helmet?

    I'd advise you to get a FLYYE MAP instead of that Condor hydration carrier as well, but it sounds like you're pretty set on it.

    [edit] I just realized that you posted the version of that vest with the pouch set but plan to replace a bunch of them. Are you planning on keeping any of what comes with it? If not, it might be cheaper to buy the version without. You could always sell the pouch set of course, and probably make your money back, but it'd be a bit of a hassle.
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    The Uniform, I wanted to get the zip up thats why I chose what I did. The Massif (from the quick 3 page search on ebay) is just a basic combat shirt. Ill def look into those pouches instead. Yes I planned on keeping some of the pouches it came with but to get it without the pouches the price isnt that much of a difference and Im sure I could make it up with selling the pouches I replace. I like that Hydro carrier because mine has never failed me. Ill def look into the MAP though as Flyye>Condor.
    For the Hemlet, I do plan on using it with some accessories, goggle strap mount, possible future NVG