New looking for great beginner gun under 250$

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Jake1161, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Jake1161

    Jake1161 New Member

    Okay so I'm new to airsoft looking to get a gun for first time.i don't mind abs plastic. I would like some sort of m4 with ris any suggestions
  2. crazyrooster

    crazyrooster New Member

    -JG m4 s-system enhanced version. 140 bucks or so pretty darn good for that price.
    -Shoots 400+ fps with .2s out of the box. I have had one for about 3 years and have never had any problems. I recently upgraded to a 9.6v battery to get higher rof and plan to get more upgrades.
    -Its a good gun to start with and if ever in the future you wanna upgrade the gun for better performance, its flexible with compatibility.
    -Its kind heavy on the front because most of the metal is on the front.
    -Body and stock are some sort of plastic, but they haven't broken yet so I assume ts durable.
    -as for the internals [ame][/ame]

  3. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Active Member

    GAHHHHH.....You sniped me breh'.
    The JG M4's are awesome for the price you pay. Only 140$, leaving you 110 dollars in upgrades! And, by the way, if you like P90's someone's selling a TM upgraded P90 for only 215$.
  4. Stauder14

    Stauder14 New Member

    New york
    If you want a good gun for under that price look at the g4 sereis on airsoftgi
  5. Maxuhmize

    Maxuhmize Active Member

    Meh, they're all combat machines.

    Try an ICS sportsline. They're great guns for the money plus have a split gearbox and forward assist. I personally own two of them. One of which I have had for 1+ years and is still doing great, stock! The other is currently being made into a SOPMOD block 2.