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    I'm looking for a new high torque motor to obtain a better trigger response and decent ROF
    This is the set that I'm currently running:
    Gearbox Version: ICS Split V2
    Motor: ICS Infinite long-type
    Gears: Standard ratio metal
    Bushings/Bearings: 6mm steel bushings
    Cur-Off Lever: Standard V2 metal
    Selector Plate: Standard M4 V2 plastic
    Wiring Harness: Front-wired with fuse and mini-Tamiya connector
    Cylinder & Head: Aluminum cylinder and SHS ergal silenced head
    Piston & Head: Plastic, SHS ergal silenced head
    Nozzle: Proprietary plastic
    Spring: M100
    Anti-Reversal Latch: Proprietary metal
    Spring Guide: Plastic, non-bearing
    Inner Barrel: Aluminum 200mm
    Hop-Up Unit: Proprietary plastic unit
    I have an SHS ergal piston too, but i think that it could overstress the gearbox.
    Keep in mind that here in Italy the legal power limit for an AEG is set to 1J (328 fps with 0,2 BBs)
    Here are my options: SHS hi torque; ZCI HT; Classic Army P515; ICS Turbo3000
    Which is better and why? If you have any other suggestion feel free to tell me :)
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    I would go with the SHS
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  3. Drift.099

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    Ok. Could you please explain me why this is better than the others?
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    SHS HT- neo magnets, 16tpa
    ZCI HT- ^same, 22tpa
    Classic Army 25k- new to the market, so not much data on TPA/magnet strength, slower than the SHS
    ICS Turbo3000- neo magnets, 19tpa, No bearings in tower iirc.

    SHS is going to be better for your setup than the ZCI HT, due to being lower TPA [i.e., slightly faster]. It should yield 22rps on a good 7.4 lipo.
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