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    New to the forum and taking a break from all things RC. USMC Vet (81-85) and retired LEO now part time Bailiff and the other half Assistant Pastor at a small local church. Prison Chaplain for ten years prior to that.
    Got into Airsoft last season after a friend sold me a cheap M4 AEG and that was all she wrote...2 more M4's, one M14, one GBBR M4, and two GBB .45's with all the gear and I am up to my eyeballs.
    Love to work on my own stuff and have COMPLETELY torn down everything I own with shimming, gearing, pistons, mosfets, barrel lapping, R-hopping and holy cow I love working on these guns. Comes from years of military and LEO armor work and range instructor.
    Am 58 years young and the oldest guy on the airsoft field most of the time but have not missed very many Saturdays this summer in spite of Covid...the family played at my son's 14 acres before the fields opened up. My grandsons are hooked and the future of the sport.
    Hope to have a few more years playing with them till the body starts to REALLY wear out! Love the hobby and met lots of great young people.
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    Not as old as you...I was assisting PD's with training in the 90's with Airsoft before I became one myself....welcome. But, now I am a 3 decade old Airsoft Logistics Expert.
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    Welcome to the forum, I am 59. Years old going to get 60 next December, I am the same club as you love to work with the guns (Airsoft and real ones) and planning to be playing until God get me.
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    Hello Guys thanks for your replies! Looking forward to all the great stuff on this forum! Will be 59 end of the month so I'm with you hawkchief!
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