new pistol grip on m4 help please?

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by newbieairsoft123, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. newbieairsoft123

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    I do not like the standard issue grip on my airsoft m4 I own a real ar15 with a houge grip and I am more use to the houge grip but on airsoft guns I cannot change out the pistol grips because its part of the motor so am I stuck with this crappy AR style grip? or are there new grips you can buy for airsoft m4s? if so please let me know thx :)

  2. 703

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    The grip isn't part of the motor so to speak. It's more of a housing for the motor. You can change it out with almost any aftermarket one. Look through the link in above post for the options you have.
  3. newbieairsoft123

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    I have the a&k m4 s system on the bottom of the pistol grip there is a screw on the bottom that does something to the motor it says if there is a grinding noise to turn the screw to adjust the motor do all airsoft guns have this or just mine??
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    All Airsoft V2 rifles have that, so any m4 grip should work