New player looking to play around Baton Rouge

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  1. xShadow27_

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    Baton ROuge
    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to get into airsoft, specifically outdoor fields, and wanted to get a feel on where some good fields are to play in the Baton Rouge area.
    I have read up on paintball command in Mandeville, but they only do games once a month. Also there is ironsight in Lake Charles, but they are two hours away.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to play in and around Baton Rouge?

  2. Zpayne88

    Zpayne88 New Member

    We have a small field in Walker your welcome to come and bring some friends

  3. InvincibleEgg

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    Baton Rouge
    Yep, slim pickin's.

    Your best bet might be LA Xtreme Airsoft. They're in Slidell (about 1 hr & 30 mins). My team and I have only been there once, but we had a great time. It's a good environment, especially for new players. Unfortunately, they only hold airsoft games on Sundays and on the last Saturday of certain months (They are primarily a paintball field).

    They are, however, hosting a 2 day scenario/event in June.

    Here's their Facebook page...

    Oh, and if ever you're interested, national level event producers are always holding events at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. It's like a 3ish hour drive from Baton Rouge, but it's well worth it, it being a MOUT site and everything.
  4. Zpayne88

    Zpayne88 New Member

    There is also paintball command in manDeville but they play once a month. They play March 19th & April 23rd . I'll be there the 23rd for sure
  5. Futurefix

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    Zpayne, I live in walker as well and I’m surching for a team and Feild. I can practice at and go to events with.