New Players in the Phoenix Area

Discussion in 'Arizona Airsoft Forum' started by turdferguson, Apr 24, 2018.

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    I have myself and a friend that are new to the airsoft world and would love to join up with a team that would at first help us get off of the ground with familiarity with the game/rules/etc. and just having people to skirmish with. We would be renting equipment right off the bat before investing too much money until we know that we could find a solid team that regularly active, then would invest in our own equipment. Prefer to play with 25+ age group. Phoenix area, preferably NE Phoenix (Cave Creek, Scottsdale), but open to all of the Greater Phoenix area.
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    I used to play a lot back in the day and looking to start back up. I should be heading out to some fields in the next few weeks if you want to meet up. Sadly I'm only 23 though. Haha

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    Des Moines
    I've been to VIP Airsoft in the southern Phoenix metro area (I forget the name of the suburb). They also have a facility in north-ish central Phienix proper, from what I remember, but I haven't been there. It's pretty nice for a CQB place (granted, it's the only CQB place I've ever actually been to). I had my own equipment, but they of course do have rentals (the usual combat machines with nimh batteries) and a pretty decent array of guns you can buy, along with some gear. The one big thing there that I didn't like: you have to use ammo from them, too, even if you aren't renting.