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Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by xXIndestructibleXx, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. xXIndestructibleXx

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    Well, hoping to sell my DBoys RK-05 to get some of the money to buy me a new CQC friendly weapon, a new MP-7 sounds good. I was hoping to get some feedback on how well the gun preformed in CQB as well as the attachments I want for it. I personally want the Star Zuies sight for a optic. As well as the Special Forces proprietary suppressor. All in all, gun, suppressor and optic, about 350$. Please some feedback on performance ansattachments
  2. jarhead88

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    Good Choice.. I got the KWA MP7 this summer and I love it.. feels great, sounds great and is surprisingly accurate. As far as you attachments.... the sight will look cool but get a laser for aiming.. I promise you will acquire your target faster and will be putting more accurate rounds out faster... and in CQB split seconds matter.... and in my opinion I would not put the suppressor on it because the best part of the MP7 is it's small size.. and having the small front barrel helps keeps me and my barrel going around the corner at the same time... that is one of the main advantages of the small weapon.. my other primary is the VFC PDW (which by the way is an awesome alternate choice) and when i fold the stock i have the same advantage.. It is the reason i switched from the M4. The look of the suppressor is awesome but for practical use i feel it hurts..

    but your choice is great, go for it.

  3. blackoutarmory

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    Mp7 by kwas are amazing I Own two fo them
  4. Phillies2406

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    You must get the low power bolt for it if your going to use it in CQB. You'll need to be able to cover the cost of the $50 magazines too.
  5. Yargg

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    Magazines in MP-7's are horribly small and it just erks me!
  6. adas1223

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    save the supressor and optic for later and stock up on magazines.

    the iron sights should be more than enough for cqb range, your going to wish you had more ammo.
  7. Nelson

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    He might be able to get away with just using duster gas instead of GG or propane. That's what I did with my kmp9.
  8. PistolsAndMP5s

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    Duster gas dried up the orings on a KMP9 I used.
    Make sure it's lubed A LOT
  9. adas1223

    adas1223 Well-Known Member

    manually lube, or you'll donk up your accuracy. none of this lube in the mag nonsense.