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    Hi guys, my name is Allen and I am an avid airsofter living in the North County of San Diego. I want to introduce to you to our new field located in North County of San Diego. This is a privately owned field by me with over 100 acres of land. (Yes, we do have proof of ownership). So you might ask, where in N. San Diego is it? Well, you have to be invited by one of the members of the field to get in. This is to ensure we are promoting a safe and fair environment by filtering out unwanted people in the community. However, we allow all types of gameplay players. So regardless of experience level, anyone can have fun here!
    Remember this is a private field and I make final decision. I can only accept people in who are in good character. So it doesn’t matter if you have top-of-line airsoft equipment or guns from Big-5 sporting goods. All you need to bring is a good attitude.

    Days of play:
    We are playing this Sunday, 11/27/2012 at 11 PM-4PM, so please contact via PM as its free to join. (Though we do encourage donations for the field).

    -Must be at least 13 years or older and ages 17 years old or younger must have parents’ permission to be on our field (NO EXCEPTIONS).
    -Must sign a waiver to play in our fields
    -Must have a dead rag. Any color would work but we prefer Orange or Red to make it visible to other players.
    -ANSI rated glasses or goggles must be worn at all times. Face mask is also optional but recommended to enhance safety.
    -Only 6mm plastic BB’s. So no pellet guns or metal 6mm BB’s either…

    Field Rules:
    *Note: Most of the rules are common sense and regulated like many local fields. However, they are subject to change at any given time. If you have any questions, please contact one of our referrees or PM me with any concerns.
    In order to ensure safe and fun play for all, the following rules of engagement are strictly enforced:
    Honor Code (Copied from Mr Paintball)
    1- Airsoft is a game of honor. Please call your own hits.
    2- Mind your own hits. Do not call opposing players out.
    3- Show respect for other players in both your words and actions.
    4- Follow both the letter and intent of all scenario based rules and restrictions.
    5- Follow the prescribed Med-Evac or Regen procedures. "Wounded" soldiers do not chit-chat!
    6- Do not intentionally move into or engage other players within the 15 foot buffer zone. No "bunkering".
    7- Use the "Bang, Bang!" rule if you have another player "dead to rights" at close range.
    8- Use the "Parlay" rule if you and another player come into contact at an unsafe distance.
    9- No blind fire. You must be able to see with your own eyes what you are shooting at.
    10- No hosing. Give opponents a chance to call themselves out between bursts.
    11- Subordinate players should observe and respect ranks such as Squad Leaders and assigned Officers.
    12- Ranking players should recognize that rank is a tool to provide structure and enjoyment to the game.
    13- Weapons should be made "safe" and magazines removed when in a staging area or other "safe zone".
    14- If you find a lost item, it should be turned in to Game Control as soon as possible

    Airsoft Safety Code (copied from Mr Paintball)
    1- Proper eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field.
    2- "Blind Man" should be called to stop the game for a loss of eye protection or medical emergency.
    3- All weapons brought into the AO must be within the chrono limits set by Game Control.
    5- Discharging weapons in a "safe zone" is strictly forbidden.
    6- Theft, assault, or any other violation of the law will result in your arrest by local law enforcement.
    7- No smoking outside of designated areas. No smoke or pyrotechnics allowed.
    8- Do not litter the AO. Pack up and dispose of your trash in an appropriate manner.
    9- Though not required, players are encouraged to use "Bio" type BB's.

    Questions and Answers:
    What’s your FPS limits?
    -Safety always comes first! So we recommend most users in our field to have a limit ~430 +/- 10 FPS (.20g) for AEG and ~525 +/- 10 FPS (.20g) for Sniping. We do have a Chronograph on hand to ensure safety limits.

    How much does it cost to get in?
    -At this time, I am not charging people to use our field. This is because we are "open house" and I want some feedback from the community. However, we do encourage donations at the time of play. The funds are used exclusively to the progress of the field and we do no pocket any of it for our personal benefit. Any amount would be fine.

    Where is your field located? And what are the days/hours?
    - I can’t tell you where it is. Sorry. Reason is because we don’t allow walk-in airsofters in our field without being invited. Since this is a new field we are filtering out “Bad” players. Examples of “bad players” include those are not willing to follow basic rules, who are extreme hot heads, act forms of bigotry, etc. You get the idea. And about the days and hours, we only open the field on Sunday from 11am-4pm unless noted.

    I am 11 years old. Can I get in?
    -Sorry bud, we can only accept people 13 years or older. This is for safety reasons and it’s nothing personal.

    I am new to airsoft. Are you guys new or highly competitive? What are the people like?
    -First off, welcome to airsoft. It’s a great sport that can teach you honor and responsibility. Regardless of level of experience all users must follow those basic fundamentals. We are just a bunch of airsofters, ages 18-25, who want to expand our awareness in the community. Remember we act like a club, enthusiast for that matter. We are no means highly competitive.

    What do I bring to the field?
    -First off, bring your game face and a good attitude. Those will get you in the field and also anywhere in life. Second, bring your gun and second side arm in case if your primary fails. Like the Marines say, “…I am nothing without my rifle.” Third, make sure you bring your own BB’s. These cost money and we cant give them away.And last, bring a chem light just in case. You might never know we might have a twilight game.

    Sounds good, I want in. When and where can I sign up?
    -You can contact me via PM and I will conduct an “interview process”. First, just fill out your information by using the template below:

    Phone number (preferably cell with text):
    Experience level:
    Equipment (please list fps if you can):

    If you are a potential candidate, I will contact you via cell or PM and some basic questions. If you don’t get a message back, don’t fuss, your invitation is in pending process.

    UPDATE 11-21-2012: WOW! I have received an overwhelming number of responses who are interested in joining. I can only allow a certain number of people in for this to work. And those who have PM'ed me first are likely to get in. But I do have to "interview" you though. But with other people who are still interested, theres still some room to join. Just send in your application before its too late as I made it exclusive to a certain number.

    Also, one more thing to add. This is a relatively new field and it has no obstacle courses (ie. crates, wire barrels, sandbags)/CQB area like Mr. Paintball or any other fields. Its mostly dry brush and the only cover is rocks and ruts. So please don't expect to have the same quality field as those paid local fields. Remember its a "free" field to play. Only through donations from other players we can add that kind of luxury. And yes, we are working on making that happen. Just give us time.

    UPDATE 11-27-2012: We are playing again this coming Sunday from 11:30am-4:00pm. If you already applied, you should have a PM to this coming event. If not, please sent your application so I can consider you coming. Please dont wait on the last minute to apply because I am really busy on Friday and Saturdays.
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    Looks like fun. I'll shoot PM your way in a bit.

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    San Diego
    Looks promising I'll be sure to shoot a pm your way.
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    Hey guys, I re-edited the thread to make it easier to read. Transferring from word doc to thread kinda messed it up. Hopefully that helps. Also, I will update the thread constantly so please refer this thread for updates. I will add a facebook page in the future so you wouldnt have to refer to this.

    And also theres a huge interest in this which is great. But we do have to limit the number of people joining our club. Also, to those people already submitted their application, I will contact most of you later tonight. SP7549 and griffin, please submit yours. I dont have you guys yet and member cap is almost there.
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    San Diego
    Pm sent NotZeroSix thanks.
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    Thank you! I can't wait to play ! :D
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    I would love to go to this field and I don't mind driving all the way from bakersfield.
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    Hi guys! We will be playing again this coming Sunday, 11:30am-4:00pm. I already sent a PM to the people who already sent in their application about this coming event. If you havent applied, please refer to the original post and I will have you on the list. Space is limited so contact me if you want to chime in. Thanks!
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    We are playing this coming Sunday at 11:30-4pm. If anyone is interested, please shoot me a PM.
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