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    Have played with a few teams over the past 3 years( prior I did a lot of back yard wars) and I have learned a lot. But now I want to try something new. Recently my brother (age 13 and new ish to airsoft) and his friends were going to go play airsoft but as he was leaving I asked ware thay were goin to play. He had no idea. So I asked his friends dad, he was going to take them to a public park to play. After explaining that thay would get wrested if thay did that I let them play in my back yard instead. I got to thinking nc is not varey nube friendly. You ither need to pay and try out for a team ( would need or buy lots of gear to even compete ) or find a rag tag groop of friends that have no idea what there doing. People tend to get hurt like that and turn away from the sport for good. So I decided to start an entry level team. Free to play with an no pro's. Pro's can come and help teach and lead. This way new players have a safe place to play and can learn how to play safely, fun and safe.

    I have been told by many that It was a ha idea but truth be told, it was all the big teams that had a problem with it so I would like to know what you guys think? Ideas? Things I should know or consider? Ect.?
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    First, when you first start a team with your friends that are either starting to play or they aren't extremely serious about buying the best gear a guns. I started my team about a few months ago and it stated out a disaster, but things got better as they became more serious. My team and I play in a cqb environment and I thought that we would all stay together, but the first thing we did was split up, but now we travel in groups of three and it works great. Hope thus helped, you can
    Pm me If you have anymore questions.

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    If they actually want to play seriously, then keep at it!!!! Some people don't, I know that sons terrible, and they just want to play backyard wars. And as long as they play safely that's fine, but I found out that trying to get people to play in a way they don't want to doesn't end well.
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    China Grove
    What part of NC are our in?
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    I live out in a place caled pfafftown. If you look it up it is the only place by that name in the world