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    What up everyone,

    im Steve from L.I. Ny. I have been playing airsoft now for about 3yrs. I play CQB @ Strike Force Sports, Armed forces aIRSOFT, Paintball Arena. and Outdoor at Cousins in riverhead.

    I would say i prefer Outdoor airsoft. the elements have a fun effect on the game and also change your tatics. and for some reason less kids. !! which is a good thing for a guy like me who is 6'5'' and 260lbs. Trust me their is nothing worse then going around a corner and mowing down someones kid, and then going to the staging area with screaming kid in arms trying to explain what happened to the parents. their really should be an age limit.. !

    but let me ut myself off b4 i go on and on...

    I came here in hopes to find some local MILSIM games. or Player Orgnised games. Becuse the CQB kiddie scene is getting quite old for me. I am also looking to join a local Long Island Team. So we can play some games together and after go an enjoy a pint or 2..

    I also have acouple of things for sale as well. and will post these things when i figure out how too..


    Steve Dugan CALLSIGN: SkullTaker