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    I'm TacShep! I love the color orange, German firearms (pistols), and (German) dogs.

    I used to play pickup games years and years ago with friends out in the woods and abandoned building when we could find them. I had a G18c AEP back then. Our High School officer took the time to teach me how to shoot after I expressed an interest. So I managed to receive a discount training course on how to shoot. That grew into real steel and IDPA matches where I scored decently but was ultimately too expensive of a hobby to continue. I took a break, moved across country and started a new chapter of my life. Fast Forward and I now need a hobby and exercise, so why not combine a few of my passions!

    Six months ago I picked up a King Arms P90 and G&G M9 (Stargate!) in Toronto and started playing again. I sadly didn't pick the best gear for indoor games and the P90 was a mistake overall for how I wanted to play and where. The M9 is amazing and I'm glad I finally have one I like. So it was back to the drawing board for gear.

    In June I picked up a KWA MP7 and a KWA USP Match after doing a lot of research on a new primary weapon. I play a lot of indoor CQB with occasional games at outdoor places in fair weather so I wanted something that wasn't an M4 but could fit my needs at both places. I have a taste for weird primaries and LOVE PDW's and German guns. So I finally settled on HK's finest. Finest being a bit...generous.

    The Match Weight on the USP broke from a 3 inch drop onto a counter top leaving me with a decent USP with flared magwell but a long ***, ugly barrel. The left built-in sling mount on the MP7 failed as I was bounce testing my gear while wearing it. This dropped my brand new MP7 the ground and cracking the folding handle (I'd ordered the older model because I found the handle neat vs the Navy). I was in too deep to give up now so I dove back in to researching and ordered all the replacement parts I needed to fix up my guns.

    Today I just got the last pieces in and I'm proud to say my MP7 is ready to field! (No oranges tip as I primarily play in Canada. I wrap the tips and grips in orange gaffers while in the States! Just wanted some Hero shots.
    IMG_5762.JPG IMG_5763.JPG IMG_5764.JPG
    Sadly my USP inner-barrel was cut short in an ill-advised Dremel experiment and the inner replacement barrel I needed was out of stock. I tried to get a VFC one that was the right length to work but that was a mistake (oops!) so my pistol is 90% done till the new barrel and hop-up I want is back in stock.
    Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Love to hear what you guys think and love to chat about any suggestions you might have!
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    Welcome, Like the looks of that MP7. ;)

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    How so?