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    Hi, I am a new to this forum. I am a casual airsofter who just plays with his friends out in rural areas and woods. I have been playing airsoft since middle school, so im not a noob.

    Anyways... I am looking to spend under $200 for an AEG. My current one is set up for CQC not long range
    - Must have high FPS,Range,and accuracy (im not playing at a regulated field so the fps can be as high as possible)
    - I would like at least 400 fps
    - I play like a sniper. So I want a long range AEG
    - Rate of fire isn't what I care about, I use semi auto 90% of the time and I prefer range and accuracy over fire rate.

    So far I like the Echo1 Genesis M4 Carbine.

    I like the great internals and that it has and the ability to upgrade everything to the point where it eventually becomes a very pro level gun. The only con is the use of plastic on the externals but I can buy metal externals down the road. Internals are more important now. I plan to get an 11.1v lipo (yet its ready for it) and medium range scope (my 7x20 seems good)

    So if anyone has this gun, tell me how it performs (I cant find performance reviews, only reviews about the build quality). And also let me know if there are similar or better options out there


    I tried to purchase the Echo1 just to see if it was in stock and it says sold out. I plan to buy between october and november

    So I definitely need help finding another choice if the Echo1 isnt in stock
    Maybe the GnG combat machine? But its low FPS. Barrel,hop up, and spring upgrade right away?
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    Echo1's are just overpriced jg guns with different cosmetics. To my knowledge kwa and ares are the only manufacturers that have proprietary g.b's. All others such as vfc, krytac, jg, king arms, classic army, etc.. can be fully upgraded. The problem with g&g guns is once you upgrade one thing it seems you have to rip everything else out and upgrade them aswell. And their are cheaply made and might not be able to handle 400+fps. Get a krytac, you will not be disappointed at all. The earlier crb is on sale right now bc the mk2 came out.

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    I second a Krytac, however that's slightly out of your budget.
    My personal choice would be to go with a JG, G&P, or classic army. Stay away from the lower end combat machines. Actually stay away from all combat machines. They are great guns, but are overpriced.
    Couple things I want to point out. You don't need high fps. All you will do is hurt other people. Stay at 450 or below with .20 BBs. Don't pick a gun based on fps since swapping a spring is easy and costs $10.
    If you are going to run an 11.1v lipo, install a MOSFET. No gun is lipo ready without a MOSFET. Lipos do the same damage as normal batteries, they just do it quicker than normal batteries. Lipo ready is a marketing ploy as every gun is lipo ready, the question is how long it will last.
    Long range will come from upgrades. Look into flat hopping or r hopping. I would recommend correction AOE, shimming, sealing up all air leaks, replacing the air nozzle, etc etc. Check the stickies section of the forum.
    So my point here is... No gun comes stock with the performance you want. However, you can easily get that performance with upgrading. So... Pick a gun that looks good and will last. I recommend G&P for externals. Then do some basic mods and replace the critical parts. Spring, air nozzle, add a MOSFET, new piston, hopup bucking, nub, and maybe a barrel.
    FYI echo 1 doesn't make any guns, they rebrand cheap guns for the most part.
    So, go look for a gun that has solid externals. Don't be afraid of plastic, it is way better than metal because it is lighter and more flexible. Try and get a gun below your budget to leave room for $50-$100 worth of upgrades. Then you will have a super solid gun that kicks @$$.
    Good luck man!