New York Battlegroup is accepting members!

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    New York Battlegroup is Recruiting!
    By CO. Fisher of NYBG


    We are a local youth group in the Westchester area. We focus on teaching our members military customs and courtesies, as well as protocols for risk management and much more. We set up meetings as much as possible so that they work with everyone's schedule, however the meeting location is not set in stone but it mainly takes place at CO. Fisher’s home. We do have fun with our members or ‘cadets’. We play airsoft as much as possible and to teach tactics and strategies when playing this military simulation sport. We do have a uniform for the cadets to wear, which is quite easy to find online. We have patches which are distributed to the cadets as well as a name-tape, a red beret and patrol cap.

    Who are we looking for?

    • People from the ages of 13-17
    • People interested in the military
    • People interested in airsoft
    • People wanting to learn new things (i.e. military customs and courtesies)
    • People in the Westchester area
    We are also looking for a place we can do a "meet n greet" with others to set up a table and possibly get new members!

    CO. Fisher contact info:
    Email: [email protected]

    Find us on!
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    You should play at Zulu or C&C in Stanhope, NJ. Not at strike force sucks.

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    I agree with you, after personal experience it is a terrible field. Our group will be at an event at C&C very soon! We do hope to have a great time.