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    Alright guys so Im trying to fix my G&P. It needed a new trigger assembly.

    Anyways I have everything in but there are 2 things that are giving me trouble.

    1. The trigger. I can't get it to stay in place and honestly im not sure how it really goes in...
    2. The spring. Any tips to getting it in. I can't seem to compress it enough to even get it to go in.

    Any tips or tricks that you guys know would be a big help.
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  2. tscebu

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    I'm assuming you have either a version 2 or 3 aeg.

    Trigger: Find small hole near trigger entrance. put thicker end of trigger spring into it. The opposite end should be pointing towards the bottom of the gearbox. There is a little crevice in the trigger, which fits onto the spring. Slide the trigger onto the spring. Be patient, as the spring is prone to falling out. Once properly installed, you should be able to pull the trigger with no problems of the trigger popping out.

    Spring: I'm only 5'3" and 110 pounds, so I personally have a lot of issues installing higher powered springs (e.g. M140, M150 etc). Assuming strength is not an issue, however, a possible mistake is that the screw in the piston head fell out, causing the spring to not go forward enough to fit in. If there is no problem in the piston, then a simple trick you could try would be to put a metal rod in the back of the spring guide, and push that in instead, thus getting rid of any possible angle of entrance problems with the piston insides. This might be an issue if the spring is coated.

    Hope I helped!

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    Ignore the trigger until you get the spring in, once the spring guide is in place, you can close the shell enough so that it doesn't pop out, and then tweak the trigger to the right place right before finishing off the closing, and don't forget to push the cutoff lever in the GB too. At least that's how I do it on my gun. :p